Things I Love:

In no particular order.
Books that speak to my heart * learning new things * authentic love * true romance * antiquing * finding a good deal on something unexpected * discovering little details of nature * capturing on film the beauty i see in my eye camera * real beauty * children * eyes and hands-they tell the most about a person  * life * overcoming * getting together with my amazing fellow mommy girlie friends and letting our hair and burdens down * crafting * painting * drawing * quilting * making my girl’s handmade dolls * cooking * a glass of good dark beer * baking * making crazy memories with my kids * The Great Smoky Mountains * tea for one * a stack of good books * a huge fluffy white bed with clean sheets * the smell and feel of a summer breeze through forest trees * my sons blue eyes flecked with Easter yellow * my daughters auburn curly hair * my five childrens’ laughter * Hakone and Mt.Tanzawa Japan * cherry blossom snow in Aprilchildlike curiosity * the aquarium * finding a little known delicious hole in the wall restaurant * my wonderful husband * my five delightful children * sharing new discoveries in our personal researches (we love to research and self teach new things) * my husbands art with wood and music * fooding with my hubbie * family member creations * the discoveries of children * breakfast in bed made by my children (even the mess afterward) * my husbands omelets and hash-browns * road trips * discovering new places- especially new photo spots * fulfilled promises * worship music by little known bands * shiny things * my husbands smile lines-especially the ones by his eyes, they smile too * webinars on photography * going on photo adventures * different cultures *  old doors * farms * passageways * trees * the ocean * the North West Coast *  the smell of my great aunts greenhouse in Belgium * fireplaces and bonfires * hand made things * mists in the morning * wood natural stone and brick * the kitchen * love notes * heartfelt prayers * fresh revelations in scripture


Taking up running in the spring and after being healed up from my surgeries * doing missions photography * Joining Fotolanthropy’s Photography Team * to eat more raw * take my children to see places from my childhood in Belgium and Japan * build our own home with my husband * teach my children a romantic language * to give more * to be more thankful ** to love more truly and fully**

All of these things can be summed up in this: kisses (gifts, blessings, things meant just for you(me)) from God.

General Facts of Interest

I am


Real Belgian chocolate * pastries * lots of cinnamon and vanilla * hamburgers and fries from a place that makes them from scratch * ice cream * and deep dish Chicago pizza


A Holy Experience