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Family Wedding


Baby Honey Bunny

There is nothing quite as sweet as a sleeping baby…

Blissful Wedding

Beautiful day for a wedding in the park

A Girl and Her Horse

This eighth grade photo session truly shines of this girls love for her horse, and the light of her joy.

The Duke Classic 2015

July 18th was a great day The Old Oak Country Club.  I had the wonderful privilege this year to help out with the Duke Classic, taking pictures. The ABC 7 team went above and beyond putting on a first rate charity fundraiser.
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The Beauty of First Communion

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Eighth Grade Beautiful


Playing in the Snow

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Family is Beautiful


14 16

18 19

20 21

22   12

 This family was such a delight to photograph. I loved the outcome.


I’m feeling a little “Olaf” here.
After a long spring of crazy weather, and some health issues, I am finally on the mend and feeling this warm sunshine…. Mmmmm

I am looking forward to getting out and doing one of my favorite things. Taking amazing photos and learning more and more.
If you ask me what is my favorite photo. I would have to say, it is the one I take tomorrow. I look back and at yesterday only to learn and be encouraged. I have come so far, and I am not done. Occasionally I will pull up an old photo to test out some new editing skills.
I did this the other day, and this was the result.

I took this one of my daughter 2 years ago.