Getting Ready

Since a photography session may be a new experience for you, I have put a few pointers together to help you get ready.  Being prepared will help to make your day amazing! If you have any questions or concerns do not hesitate to contact me.


  • Tips

Make up should be slightly heavier than normal.  A loose powder or blotting paper is helpful to eliminate shine on your face.  Since most portraits concentrate on the eyes great care should be taken to make them beautiful. Avoid using super bright colors, and mascara should be neat without clumps, eyeliner looks best when it is evenly smudged.

Do not cover over blemishes with heavy makeup. I can retouch them later.

Avoid tan lines.

Avoid strapless dresses and tops, they tend to draw attention away from your face and sometimes gives you an unflattering look.

Bring your makeup and hair products with you, even if I am doing your makeup and hair.

Nail polish on the hands are best when they are more neutral. Otherwise they might be distracting in poses with your hands near your face.

Ladies, I don’t know about you, but personally I believe that toes are meant for expression! Color them up if you like!!!


  • Tips

Don’t worry about pimples or blemishes. I can retouch them later.

Have your nails neat and clean. (Big bonus in impressing the ladies-Girls love when a guy has clean neat Masculine hands.)

Shave that morning or if you have more sensitive skin, the night before for a more clean look. If you wish facial hair, trim it neat paying attention to cleaning up neck beards, unless you are Klye Orton. =D

Especially if you have a short hair cut, make sure that the back of your hair, and neck are neat and clean.

  • Tips

Get a good night sleep.

Put everything on one hanger for each change.

Get everything set out the night before, clean, delinted, polished, and wrinkle free if the outfit calls for it.

  • What to Wear

Bring along at least one dressy outfit and one casual

It is better to bring too much than too little. Bring a few choices in different styles and colors so we can choose the best for each location.

Think about different textures in fabrics and ACCESSORIES, jewelry, hair decorations, scarves, hats, jackets, sunglasses, etc…

Bring something that has special meaning to you. Letter jackets, instrument, meaningful keepsakes, sports, family traditions, heirlooms, and art props. Pets are welcome if attended to by someone other than yourself during the shoot.

If you have a class ring, bring it. If you wish to take them, a white v neck is suggested for your cap and gown pictures.

Loud and busy patterns generally do not work well for portraits.

I love white, but white shirts (unless the outfit is all white or with some other jacket or sweater) can leave you looking washed out, use white with caution.

  • Glasses

Since glass glare most lenses is nearly impossible to avoid, bring along an empty pair of frames similar to your own for your session. Many optometrists will “loan” you a pair of frames at no extra charge.

  • Tanning

Tan lines are difficult to remove so please be conscious of them. Do not go to a tanning bed the day before the shoot. You could end up looking orange or burnt.

  • Braces

Braces can be removed later when I retouch your photos, if you like. If you have invisline braces or retainers, please ask your orthodontist if it is o.k. to remove them for your session, or just when we shoot. Sometimes invisiline can make your teeth look grayish or artificial.

  • Hair

Avoid getting a new hairstyle the week before. This will allow the cut to look more natural. If you want to change hair styles during the shoot they should be simple, something that can be done quickly; unless I am doing it, in that case leave it to me!

  • Nails

Please do not forget the importance of your hands in your portraits. Remember to keep them clean, and neat. I love bare feet so keep them in mind as well.


I cant wait to meet with you and hear your dreams.