The Name

The name for my company came about as I was considering what would be my focus, inspiration, and heart.   Juliette is the Belgian version of Juliet. Juliette is my grandmothers first name, who is my middle namesake and the namesake of several other family members.
The name Juliette is synonymous with romance, youth of the heart, and love. The Hearth is the center of a home. It is where warmth and light penetrate the still and the cold; bringing it alive and filling young eyes with wonder.
This is my desire, to fill heart and home with life. I want my images to impart this. To bring old hearts and eyes, alive with the feast of youthful wonder.

In the beginning

Growing up, photography was a hobby that my whole family enjoyed. My father was in the Army most of my childhood, and while in Japan, I dabbled in amateur modeling. This gave me my first exposure to professional photography. In high school I became a yearbook photographer and received a wonderful foundation. My senior year, I think I spent more time in the darkroom than the classroom. Ever since, it has been difficult for me to put a camera down. Knowing this, my husband bought me my first professional camera as a wedding gift.

How it all started

The History of Juliette’s Hearth has been an adventure story for me.
January 7th of 2012 a dear friend and fellow photography enthusiast asked me if I ever considered selling my photos.  I hadn’t, but after my conversation with her, I recalled commentary from others. She wasn’t the only one that made this type of suggestion. But, because it was Jessica, someone whom I know knows photography; I took it seriously. So, I looked into selling stock photos for commission through a major online company. In the process they took me through some training material. It was a wonderful refresher! I was remembering all of my previous training, and after many years, it was all coming back to me (Thank you Dad and Mr. Svoboda).

In the process of perusing stock, I asked Deacon Rob of our church if I could have permission for taking photos on church premises. God has used him in such a huge way in this whole process- Thank you.  Eventually, Deacon invited me to take the conformation candidates photos with the Bishop.  I knew I did not yet have the the equipment to do this, and do it well. So, I prayed in my car on my way home,”Lord if you want me to do this, then You need to pay for it.” At that same moment, like a verbal response, an add came on the radio, “Make your move- what is your dream? tell us your story and we may help you to make that dream happen.” I went home and submitted my story to WBGL.

Ash Wednesday the 22nd of February at 6:38am, I received a phone call on my cell phone. Since I use my cell for an alarm clock, I thought it was my alarm, and turned it off.  When the phone beeped that I had a message, I sat straight up and checked my message. It was the radio station. I came down told my husband as he was leaving for a very crazy day, sat down trying to collect my thoughts, and called them back.

The Radio Interview


I am so amazed, dumbfounded, and blessed by this whole process. God knows me so incredibly well. He knows that I would not have pursued this had it not happened this way. He also knows that I have perseverance to see this through. I am committed to this process, wherever it leads. I am excited to see God be God once again, in this part of my life, just as he has been in all the others. He is so good to me! Thank YOU!