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Winter will pass…

Our snow men are all but 2 inch ice encased hats, and gloves lying in “fooled you” melting snow and then another arctic blast on my garden park bench. I have seen blue jays, robins, migrating geese, and deer in herds. Spring wants desperately to force its bloom through the snow and ice crusted ground. It must come and the ice will melt. I think the season will SPRING upon us this year, unexpectedly like an ornery kid jumping out from behind your lilac bush trying to scare the daylights out of you.

All of this has me daydreaming about sunshine and warm breezes and beautiful smells of things growing and blooming again AND and and and…. (getting excited) taking pictures outside again! YEA!

Don’t let spring surprise you too badly, and get your spring portraits on the calendar.


ClarkWedding_20130621_166 ClarkWedding_20130621_162






 I know it is kind of gloomy outside right? Its Halloween and things seem darker. On my way home from taking my daughters to school, I noticed something in the rain…

With several up coming family portraits, I was trying to find that brilliant fall color, and this years foliage didn’t seem so spectacular. Today after a night and morning of steady rain, everything was washed, clean, new… The colors, even in the overcast sky seemed all the more intense and bright. The forests are beautiful!
Isn’t that how our lives are. We think its Ironic that on our wedding day, when it rains right? But God makes all things new and beautiful in His timing. In the rain He restores us, revives us, cleans off the dust of life, and we are restored.

Fall Is So Beautiful

I love fall, and I love to see all of the new and returning clients for their family portrait sessions. I love to see the year to year transformations of children, as they grow older right before our eyes. Life is so precious, and so are my Clients. Thank you guys! You are a blessing to me!

Questions on Mother’s Day

Mothers Day 2013 -A Hallmark Holiday-
Today I have a lot of questions…

Why do we love these holidays? Why do we hate them?
We love them because they celebrate what we desire, right?
We desire love, friendship, romance, love of family, love of parents, appreciation …
What happens when that day becomes less than ideal?
When we seem to be forgotten in the mess of other peoples’ lives?
Do we get depressed?
Do we hate the holiday?
Do we ignore and stuff the disappointment and move on?
What if we embraced the desire of the day? Celebrated the beauty of the desire and what that says about us?
What if we could really honestly say that days like Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day, is every day?
That we realize in very sober and conscious way that each day does not go smoothly flawlessly without its share of kid drama and accidents, and it is still a celebration of our day?
The desire that our special person has to exhibit their love is what is good, and that they need the special day too. They need that special day to pause reflect and remember that love that gets buried every day.
What if we could unearth that realization everyday through every moment?
Life is messy, buckle down, clean up again, and enjoy the heart of those around you.
We were created for love. You probably have heard this before right?
Have you ever seen a woman in love, when that love is reciprocated? Her eyes glow her face is radiant, she comes alive?
Love makes us fully alive…
Is it our right to feel loved?
What makes us angry? What hurts us?
When we feel our rights have been violated right? Think about this a moment…
I should have a clean house… My kids should obey me… My husband should know I need this… My wife should understand this… My parents should hear me… My things should not be broken… That person should know better… This should go right for me… They should care… Because if they loved or valued me they would, or I deserve this.
Rights denote value. A person has value therefore a person has rights. When we feel that that right has been violated we feel that we have been violated, and devalued.
What drives us to the bitter dissatisfaction? We feel our rights have been trampled on and it should not be that way. We demand in our heart, that IT needs to change. When IT happens, IT speaks to our very being that we are not valued. Bitterness sets in.
So what is the antidote to IT?
If Bitterness is what forms over the violation trying to kill our feelings, that kills our heart, then what is the opposite or counteraction to Bitterness- Thankfulness is it not? Be thankful… Because a thankful heart is a happy heart right? The thankfulness not only reverses the bitterness, but it heals the heart in the process too.
Have you ever met a really happy person? They don’t complicate the world and they are thankful for what they have. Even though things don’t go perfectly, because they often have had to deal with significant pain, they feel loved and cared for. Not necessarily because they have had someone wait on them, but because they can see GOODNESS. They are thankful for the hearts of those around them, and I have seen them thankful and trusting of the unwavering devotion and love of God for them.
Practice makes perfect and boy oh boy do I need to practice… several times a day. Thanking God for his blessings and being thankful for the heart of those who love us.
Count them daily with me?
Please share with me your thoughts on this subject…

New Camera New Skills

I have been feeling a little bit of trepidation in acquiring new equipment. My husband has said to me a couple of time in this process, “I think I am more excited than you are about your new gear!”

New gear means a new huge learning curve. I have taken on every new challenge without much hesitation once I have seen that this is the way God is showing me to go.This is bigger than any step before. I have needed a fresh view and a fresh perspective again. Isn’t that what new challenges do? So, I go back to what I know: the more I shoot, the more I can see….Beauty

This process, for me is a lot like being in a maze knowing that the end of the maze is something lovely, you just don’t know what. So, I approach the life maze like a trial and error game. I know that in the end it leads me home, and that even if I get frustrated and lost, there is a way through this. You just cant see it yet. Mazes test the nerves and your trust. You have to trust that the maker of the maze built it not to watch you run in circles, not to see you like you are a laboratory rat or something with a trap at the end or lying in wait for you, but built for the cognitive benefit and enjoyment of those who enter it.

My husband and I took the kids to the Morton Arboretum this past weekend. The heart of its zealous creators no doubt, was to educate and pleasure the populace. To reconnect them to nature that is easily lost in the city, and to embrace that connection. In the children’s garden there is a maze like I am referring to. It doesn’t belong in a laboratory, or a sinister plot, but it is there for the pleasure and education of all. There were dead ends filled with spots of information on the plants used, and in the center of this maze is an enormous Sycamore tree that is simply breathtaking girth. Wrapped around it, a staircase and platform was built for visitors to get an aerial view of the maze; to allow them to get their bearings if they were lost.  All of the routes merged at this platform so at some point in your journey, you had to have an encounter with the tree. This ancient tree reminded me of a song from my childhood. “Zacchaeus was a wee little man, a wee little man was he. He climbed up in a sycamore tree for the Lord he wanted to see…”

I realize, that this is me… Zacchaeus, wanting to get a better look at the breathtaking view of my life laid out in all its complexity, and see Jesus in all of its twists and turns.
Breathing deep ImageImageImageand taking it all in….

A News Article on Juliette’s Hearth!

New Lenox Patch

Ann C. Piasecki from the New Lenox Patch wrote a nice article on Juliette’s Hearth.
Click on the link above to read it.
It is such a blessing!


New Everything…almost

Here it is Folks!!! I am sorry I have been gone so long. I have been working on building a new web page and way of doing business for the past month. I have had a lot of late nights and dragging mornings as a result.  My husband says I should do this professionally! I told him, “Not a chance!” I get way to stressed over it. I might be good at it, but I would rather be taking your pictures!

I purchased a template from Firecracker Style Groups and went crazy from there. I NEVER imaged that I would be learning half of what I have learned this month alone about website building! Terms like SEO and Analytics and Keywords and Meta Tags are a little less like Greek to me!

The next things to change will be a new camera after my income tax refund comes home. With this new camera, I will be able to overcome some limitations in my photography that can sometimes frustrate me. Obviously the camera I currently own is an excellent little silver workhorse! I love it and would have a VERY hard time parting with it. I have made some amazing images with it and have loved every minute using it.

I feel that now is the time to move a little further and a little more in-depth in my skills set. I want to nail down flash photography among other things. I love to keep learning and challenging myself. I feel that this camera will not allow me to go any further with what I know, so I will make a change…

In addition to getting a new camera, website, and Facebook cover, please look to see how I have changed how my business runs. I will no longer be selling images on-line, or offering downloads. I will be working with you directly. I want to connect with you, and see your reactions when you first see your pictures. I want to open up new avenues of ways to take your images home. I want you to have and hold your images in ways that really touch your heart. So please take a look at pages such as “Session Details” “General Information” and “Touchable Memories”.

The heart of Juliette’s Hearth is still very much strong and alive, it is just I have found better ways to express it.

Enjoy, and tell me what you think.


New Facebook Cover

Check out my new timeline cover! I love it!New Facebook Cover

Marx Family Benefit

This lovely family has been a part of my home school co-op for a number of years now. They are such a blessing and a beautiful example of quiet love. Psalms 131

Marx Family Benefit

Dessert Social and Silent Auction ~ Music and Entertainment

In August of 2012, Greg Marx was diagnosed with stage four esophageal cancer. We hope that through this fundraiser we can ease the burden of their health care costs and other expenses. All proceeds will go to the Marx Family.
(Juliette’s Hearth will be participating in the silent auction, with a Portrait Sitting and Photo Package)

$15 per ticket
$50 for a family

When: February 9, 2012  6:30pm-9:00pm

Where: New Life Church, New Lenox, IL 

for tickets please email: hcaravette@comcast.net or Philisaleo@aol.com

The Yellow Car

The Yellow Car

I know that there are some who would love to take pictures with this awesome car!